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“I was finished with ROTC and was heading to my car. That's when it happened! I had a severe asthma attack and could not get air or yell for help. I then remembered I was wearing my iSafe Backpack and I activated the EMERGENCY cord to sound the alarm. My friends and teachers who were heading to their cars heard the alarm and came running over; it was only a matter of minutes that the campus security and medical staff were right there. I will always stand behind this product because IT SAVED MY LIFE!”






"I want to tell you as I always do what a great product this is and that my daughter has never carried another backpack. I would like to briefly share a story with you that happened a few months ago. My daughter was in school, and had a run in with some bullies in her P.E. class. These girls were in the eighth grade and much larger than my child who is in the sixth grade... the group of bullies began pushing and shoving my daughter who then ran into the locker room to hide. The gang of girls continued to find her and come at her again. This is when my daughter grabbed her backpack and activated the alarm. Not only did the gang of girls disperse but it also brought several teachers/coaches to the scene. The long and short of the story is that the bullies were punished and the ringleader removed from the school entirely. My daughter's quick thinking and your excellent product saved her from what could have potentially been a very bad situation".

Ms. Tammie Ferguson, FL



"All moms worry, but I worry less since I' ve discovered iSafe bags".Holly Robinson Peete- Actress & span




This bag is a MUST for any parent concerned about their child's safety!

Alison Rhodes -the Safe Mom






"When I first got this backpack I was badly mistaken. I thought the alarm was a light alarm - not sound. Crouched on the floor in my living room I pulled the string. My husband, who was in the kitchen cooking, started yelling, "What the hell is that?" Oh boy. It was excruciatingly loud and I put the pin back in place quickly to make it stop. When that alarm is sounding there is no way you can concentrate on anything else. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and have plenty of training in self-defense. I believe this alarm will ward off bullies, predators, potential pedophiles, and any other problem people. This is an excellent self-defense mechanism for girls especially if they walk to and from school every day".

The ReviewMom.com




"My wife and I have purchased one of your fantastic backpacks. What a fantastic idea." Ralph Smith - California



" Ironically, on the day it [iSafe bags] arrived, I had received an email alert that an alleged kidnapper was on the loose in our tiny community. I am not kidding! The alert contained a picture of a man who looked very familiar as someone we had all recognized as seeing before in our small town. I work from home so I turned on our home security alarm. When it was time to walk down to the mailbox, our lovely babysitter and neighbor (who we all love like a family member) Amanda wore the iSafeBag Sling Bag and pulled the ripcord.

Stacey from Ready to Learn Mom
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"Hi my name is Penny Barger and I bought one of your backpacks for my daughter for graduation so she could use it when she goes to college. She loves it and takes it everywhere she goes. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that she has it." Penny Barger



"Ever since I brought the isafebag Backpack home to my daughter & explained to her how she is supposed to use it, she has really felt a greater sense of security in using it, plus she likes the fact that it has a lot of space for her books & school supplies. This is a phenomenal product & should have been made available a long time ago."

Ted Sutton - Toronto


“ I was impressed by the excellent quality, excellent design, and overall functionality. We are not always impressed with a product ordered on line when it arrives, but was overly impressed with this product from iSafe along with the excellent customer service, plus this product works as advertised with the alarm system being as loud as stated. …great value for the money. …definitely lives up to expectation”.


Ed Lusky, Canada



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