Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what age should a child use an iSafe Backpack?

    We recommend the bag be used for children 8 years old and up. However, many customers have purchased the iSafe Backpack for children as young as 7. Children should be old enough to understand that the iSafe bag is an alarm system, not a toy.

  • How do I keep my child from playing with the alarm?

    ISafe Backpacks must be used responsibly. It is important for parents of young children to emphasize that this product is not a toy and should be used as a tool to help them escape dangerous or harmful situations.

  • Will iSafe's alarm system hurt the user's ears?

    No, we've provided WARNING tags that convey the proper use of this product. Therefore, when used correctly, the alarm system will not hurt the user's ears. The alarm system is concealed in the lower section of a pouch that emits two siren signals in opposite directions, away from the user's ears to attract attention all around.

  • Will the iSafe Backpack operate in the rain?

    Yes, it is water resistant and shock resistant. However, never submerge your iSafe Backpack or Bag in water.

  • How do you activate and deactivate the alarm system?

    You simply lift the small flap on the right shoulder strap and pull the activation cord. If you have an iSafe Bag, lift the small flap on the front surface of your bag and pull the activation cord. The pin will disengage from the switch instantaneously and activate the alarm in a split second. To deactivate, reinsert the pin.

  • How long can the alarm run for?

    The iSafe alarm system can run up to 2 continuous hours, assuming the batteries are new.

  • What if an attacker tries to take the backpack or bag away from my child?

    When worn correctly, it would be extremely difficult and time consuming for an attacker to remove the iSafe backpack or bag from a child when activated. The iSafe Backpack has an adjustable chest strap that secures the backpack around the child. The iSafe Bag should be worn with the shoulder strap crossing the user's chest. This prevents the backpack and bag from being easily taken away.

  • Can the iSafe backpack & Bag pass through airport security?

    Yes; however, due to heightened security at airports, it might take a little longer to go through security screening. Please allow yourself additional time. Your iSafe Backpack /Bag is an electronic personal security system; therefore, we recommend removing the batteries prior to security screening at airports. Once TSA becomes familiar with iSafe's technology, security screening should be normal.

  • Who would be a typical user for an iSafe Backpack or Bag?

    Children, teenagers, college students, professionals and seniors can all benefit from the personal protection of an iSafe bag. iSafe's versatility make it useful in any type of situation, from work, school, the mall, to hiking, biking or camping. Even if one was stranded in an elevator or trapped in a harmful situation, iSafe will be there. ISafe Backpacks & Bags can also provide indoor security for dorm rooms, apartments, trailers etc.

  • What do I do when my iSafe Backpack or Bag starts looking old and unsightly?

    DO NOT submerge your iSafe Backpack or Bag in a tub of water or attempt to wash it. However, you can wipe it down by using a cloth with a little soap and water. If your backpack or bag is torn or too unsightly, you can contact our customer service to receive a 20% discount on your next iSafe purchase. Proof of your initial purchase will be required to receive this discount.

  • How much extra weight does the alarm system add to the backpack or bag?

    The alarm system plus the batteries will add an extra one-half (1/2 lb) pound to the original weight of the backpack or bag. This powerful system is light weight.



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